What Is Ocular Hypertension and When You Should Treat It?

Apr 18, 2023 | Optometry

What Is Ocular Hypertension and When You Should Treat It?

As an ophthalmologist, you regularly treat patients who have glaucoma. But an early indicator that a patient may develop glaucoma is ocular hypertension. To learn more, read below about ocular hypertension and when you should treat it.

What Ocular Hypertension Does

When patients ask you what ocular hypertension is and how to treat it, explain that this condition causes your eye pressure to be above the normal range. However, it does not cause any detectable changes to their vision or damage to their eye structure. Although your patients will not experience noticeable signs or symptoms, it can increase their risk of developing glaucoma.

How You Can Treat It

As for the question of when you should treat it, this decision will likely depend on your judgment as a doctor. Some ophthalmologists may decide not to start treatment if the eye pressure is only somewhat elevated. They may choose to monitor it.

Others may be more proactive and give their patients eye drops to help them lower their interocular pressure. They’ll then follow up with them to see if it’s working. If medication ultimately proves to be ineffective, your patient may need surgery to reduce the pressure, including laser trabeculoplasty.

What Your Patients Can Do

If your patients ask if there is anything they can do to help, there is. Although there is no cure for the condition, they can improve their eye health by following your directions with their prescriptions. They should also come in for regular eye examinations to help stop glaucoma progression.

If they smoke, there is no time like the present to quit since it can increase their risk of glaucoma and other conditions. They also can help protect their eyes by wearing sunglasses regularly and learning more about the history of eye conditions in their family members.

You can work together to preserve your patient’s eye health. If you need to open tip covers for measuring your patients’ eye pressure, contact us at Automated Ophthalmics. We have what you need to help them watch for ocular hypertension and glaucoma.