Tips for Reducing Stress During Cataract Surgery

Oct 10, 2022 | Optometry

Tips for Reducing Stress During Cataract Surgery

As people get older, many develop cataracts. A cataract occurs when the natural lens of your eye becomes cloudy over time, disrupting vision. During cataract surgery, the ophthalmologist removes this and replaces it with an artificial lens. It’s a simple procedure that surgeons perform every day, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t scary. Read on for some tips for reducing stress during cataract surgery.

Create a Soothing Atmosphere

It can be hard to lighten up the mood for surgery, but you must do everything possible to create a soothing atmosphere for your patients. Hospitals and doctors’ offices can feel cold and unwelcoming, so, naturally, patients’ brains go to the worst places when preparing for surgery. To help keep them away from this stressful headspace, create a soothing atmosphere with some quiet low-tempo music, inoffensive scents, warmer colors, and softer textures. A simple rug and colorful painting can greatly change the office’s atmosphere and soothe patients’ anxiety about getting surgery.

Be Transparent About Everything

Another reason many patients can feel stress before surgery is that they have no clue what is happening during the procedure. It can be difficult for patients to put all of their trust in their doctors and surgeons. To help ease them into it, be as transparent as possible. Talk about the specifics of their cataract and how you will swap their lens out, but don’t hesitate to mention the statistics surrounding the surgery.

For example, mention how common the surgery is and how rare it is to have complications or negative side effects. It can be scary to mention these aspects, but don’t forget to tell your patient that you can take care of them if any complications occur.

Focus More on Recovery

In addition to being transparent and creating a soothing atmosphere, you must focus more on the recovery process than the surgery itself. You should be transparent about the surgery, but don’t overwhelm your patients with information that could potentially scare them. Let them know the numbers and what you’ll do, but then quickly transition to the benefits of the surgery—how they’ll be able to see clearer and prevent further eye issues from emerging.

Reduce stress during cataract surgery with these tips, and your patients will have no worries when going under the scalpel. If you have patients still worried about the surgery, talk to them about getting checked early so you can take care of any issues before they worsen. At Automated Ophthalmics, we have plenty of tonopen covers so you can diagnose and treat your patients to the best of your ability and keep them stress-free for as long as you can.