The Nearsighted History of Ophthalmology

Oct 25, 2021 | Optometry

The Nearsighted History of Ophthalmology

The study of ophthalmology has come a long way through the years. Without basic discoveries such as the anatomy of the eye or dedicated eye-care facilities, we might not understand eye health the way we do today. Keep reading for more of these findings and a brief look into the history of ophthalmology.

Early History

The history of ophthalmology dates all the way back to ancient times—as early as 800 BC. During these times, the anatomy of the eye was mostly speculatory. Early surgeons recorded diseases related to the eye, such as cataracts. Even the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle was involved in the study of the eye. He discovered the layers of eye anatomy through animal eye dissection experiments.

The Middle Ages: Early Modern–Era Ophthalmics

During the Middle Ages, health professionals used hand lenses and microscopes to study the eye. Several mysteries still surrounded the eye’s anatomy, such as how and why the pupil changed sizes. It wasn’t until the invention of the ophthalmoscope in 1851 that propelled the study of ophthalmology further. Additionally, the first dedicated ophthalmological hospital opened in London in 1805 as the largest eye-care hospital in the world at the time.

Modern Ophthalmology History

Thanks to the ophthalmoscope, ophthalmologists began to understand the inner workings of the eye much more clearly. With more understanding of the eye itself, surgeons and doctors could create treatments for various eye health conditions and diseases. Namely, doctors heavily studied glaucoma, discovering the cause behind it and possible treatments. This brought us to modern ophthalmology, in which doctors and ophthalmologists are still studying and improving eye treatments through the technology of the modern era.

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