The Impact of IoT on the Eyecare Industry

Mar 22, 2023 | Optometry

The Impact of IoT on the Eyecare Industry

The Internet has evolved nearly every single part of our lives, from how we shop to how we watch movies. Now, it is changing another area of our lives: how we receive eye care. Read below to learn the impact of IoT on the eyecare industry.

Virtual Care

One way the Internet of Things (IoT) has impacted the eyecare industry is through the rise of virtual care. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many eye doctors used telehealth technologies to treat their patients. Although they have encountered some inconveniences, physicians appreciate how technology has made sessions with patients more efficient.

Patients also appreciate that they don’t always have to go to the doctor’s office. The virtual option also benefits patients needing to connect with specialty practitioners who work far away. Thanks to this technology, patients with special conditions can get their required care without traveling a long distance.

Diagnostic Imaging Hubs

Another impact of IoT on the eyecare industry is the development of diagnostic imaging hubs, which is another way to provide telehealth care. Patients can visit these hubs to receive tests and scans, but they do not debrief with a physician afterward.

Instead, the ophthalmologist can review the scans remotely from anywhere in the world. They can advise a patient on next steps and send them a report and a letter electronically. This technology gives the patient a better care experience and allows for a better use of resources.

Wearable Medical Devices

IoT will also impact the way doctors monitor their patients’ eye conditions. Currently, innovators are working on wearable devices that allow physicians to watch their patients’ conditions, give diagnoses, and recommend treatment thanks to the help of the Internet. When fully developed, the technology will allow ophthalmologists to keep track of their patients’ biological fluids and other factors in real time.

Thanks to these technologies, ophthalmologists can expect exciting developments. Contact us at Automated Ophthalmics if you need ophthalmic supplies as you move into the future. We have what you need to diagnose patients accurately and keep them healthy.