0.9mm Large – Item #AO310

1-4 Pair $80.00/Pair
5-9 Pair $70.00/Pair
10+ Pair $60.00/Pair

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Parasol Punctum Plugs, 0.9mm Large Item #AO310

Ophthalmologists require many supplies to provide high-quality care for their patients, including parasol punctum plugs. Automated Ophthalmics caters exclusively to ophthalmologists by providing superior products at affordable prices. Below, ophthalmologists’ offices can find our selection of parasol punctum plugs, 0.9mm large item #AO310.

Excellent punctum plugs help treat chronic dry eye and are affordable for practically any ophthalmologist's office. And the more you buy, the more you save when you purchase our parasol punctum plugs, 0.9mm large item #AO310.