VeraPlug™ Sterile Preloaded Punctal Occluders – 1 pair Box $49

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Sizes: Sterile Preloaded

Small (0.4mm-0.6mm) #AO452
Medium (0.6mm-0.7mm) #AO453
Large (0.7mm-0.8mm) #AO454
X-Large (0.8mm-1.0mm) #AO455

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When a patient comes to an eye doctor with dry eyes, they may be wary of some treatments since they think they will be complicated or give them more discomfort. You can make it easy for them with VeraPlug Sterile Preloaded Punctual Occluders.

Automated Ophthalmics offers these punctual occluders, which feature a design that allows you to maximize patients’ comfort and put their fears to rest. Make sure your office has VeraPlug Sterile Preloaded Punctual Occluders so you can provide the relief your patients need.

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Sterile Preloaded Small (0.4mm-0.6mm), Sterile Preloaded Medium (0.6mm-0.7mm), Sterile Preloaded Large (0.7mm-0.8mm), Sterile Preloaded X-Large (0.8mm-1.0mm)