How To Use the AccuPen Tonometer

Dec 17, 2020 | Optometry

How To Use the AccuPen Tonometer

Given the inflexibility of traditional Goldmann tonometers, the advent of handheld tonometry has been a boon to optometrists, ophthalmologists, and their practices. Handheld tonometers make it possible to measure intraocular pressure in the eyes of patients who, whether through anxiety or disability, are not receptive to traditional applanation instruments. Making sure intraocular pressure measurements are available to everyone is necessary to lower the incidence of glaucoma.

There are now several models of handheld tonometers on the market, but the AccuPen represents an improvement over competitors in that it performs applanation tonometry with a limited requirement for calibration. This saves operators valuable time each day, as it enables them to undergo IOP measurements more quickly and shortens the length of exams. Because of slight differences in the operation of the AccuPen and competing tonometers, read about how to use the AccuPen tonometer here and consider whether this alternative to other handheld tonometers would be a worthy addition to your practice.

The AccuPen requires light cleaning each day before use. To remove dust and impurities, spray the sensor tip with compressed air for two seconds before the use, allowing three minutes for the sensor to adjust itself before applying a new single-use AccuTip-brand tip to the sensor. This keeps your AccuPen sterile for each use.

Whereas other tonometers would call for daily calibration at this point, the AccuPen arrives at your office fully calibrated and will remain that way so long as it doesn’t experience major disruptions in operation, such as dropping the unit or getting it wet. Presuming proper care, recalibration should not be necessary. Your user manual will contain information should recalibration be necessary.

When it’s time to measure your patient’s intraocular pressure, reach for your AccuPen to perform this important task. Clear any residual data from the AccuPen by holding the “Up” and “Down” buttons for three seconds. Press and release the “Action” button on the AccuPen to prepare for reading. After the sounding of two tones, lightly tap the patient’s eye with the tip of the sensor, which should have a fresh AccuTip on it for sterility. A tone will indicate that the AccuPen has taken a measurement. To protect against outliers in the data set, the AccuPen allows you to take up to nine measurements and will average those measurements for you. You may also adjust intraocular pressure measurements by correcting for corneal thickness.

As one of the leading ophthalmic equipment suppliers, Automated Ophthalmics wants to make sure your tonometry instruments remain safe, sterile, and functional by keeping you well-appointed with tonometric tip covers. Knowing how to use the AccuPen tonometer in addition to other models will give you greater flexibility in providing these crucial examinations and preventing glaucoma in your patients.