How To Measure Intraocular Pressure Applanation Tonometry

Aug 31, 2021 | Optometry

How To Measure Intraocular Pressure Applanation Tonometry

When studying tonometry, you’ll find that there are many different methods for measuring eye pressure. Each of these methods has different equipment and tool requirements as well as steps to the procedure. For a refresher course on how to measure intraocular pressure with applanation tonometry, keep reading this article. Applanation tonometry is one of the most commonly used forms of eye pressure measurement, so it’s good to practice.

What Is Applanation Tonometry?

There are several ways to measure intraocular pressure (or IOP) in ophthalmology. Tonometry is the process of measuring eye pressure, and ophthalmologists use this information as one way to determine eye health. Applanation tonometry is one method of recording eye pressure. It’s also known as Goldmann applanation tonometry and is one of the most commonly used methods, making it the gold standard of IOP measurements.

Preparation and Equipment

You’ll need the right equipment and conditions to take a proper IOP measurement. Use a slit lamp machine and tonometer to take the measurements. Because these tools will come in close contact with the eye, make sure they’re properly calibrated and disinfected prior to use. Additionally, ensure the patient is comfortable and holds the correct posture during the procedure. The chin rest and headband of the slit lamp help the patient hold this posture during the measuring process.

Measurement Process

First, anesthetize the patient’s eyes with numbing drops. Add a very small amount of non-toxic dye. Align the slip lap and tonometer with the patient’s right eye and hold the eyelid open gently. Be sure not to apply any pressure to the eye during this step to avoid an incorrect measurement. Bring the tonometer gently to rest on the patient’s cornea and note the reading. After measuring the first eye, remove the tonometer, wipe it clean, and repeat the process for the other eye. Once finished, wipe the prism clean again and place the tool into a disinfectant for cleaning.

There are many methods of measuring eye pressure, each with different techniques. Follow these preparations and steps on how to measure intraocular pressure for the applanation tonometry method. If you’re looking for ophthalmic equipment suppliers, perhaps to stock up on a new tonometer or covers, visit Automated Ophthalmics for the best quality tools and equipment you can trust.