How Ophthalmologists Can Improve the Patient Experience

Jul 27, 2023 | Optometry

How Ophthalmologists Can Improve the Patient Experience

When patients come into your office for an eye examination or any other treatment, you want them to have the best experience possible. Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to ensure they leave confident, satisfied, and ready to entrust you with their eyes again. Discover below how ophthalmologists can improve the patient experience.

Improve Their Wait Time

Your patients form an impression of your practice and its services even before they enter your exam room. It begins with their experience in your waiting room. Train your staff to be friendly to them when they enter and to provide all necessary information.

Your waiting room should feature plenty of things to entertain them as they wait, including magazines for them to read or a television to watch. You and your employees should do your best to ensure patients are seen as soon as possible. That will mitigate any complaints about the length of time they had to wait.

Hire the Best Associates

Employing quality associates is another way that ophthalmologists can improve the patient experience. Although having the right background and expertise to do the job is essential, they must demonstrate excellent soft skills as well.

Ensure you hire those who will relate to your patients well and show them compassion. Otherwise, your clients may leave your office satisfied with their interactions with you but feel their moments with your assistants were rather cold.

Get Patient Feedback

You can even learn how to improve the patient experience by sending surveys to your clients after they leave your office. Although you may think you know all the major areas where your office needs to improve, the surveys may provide a different answer. You will have new insights on areas that you need to hone.

But on the more positive side, the surveys will make your clients likely to recommend you to their friends and family members. They can even tell you areas where you and your staff are excelling. You can share those responses with your employees to make them feel better about the job they’re doing and give them a boost in confidence.

And perhaps most importantly, ophthalmologists can improve the patient experience by using quality products in their services, such as Ton-Open tips from Automated Ophthalmics. Our powderless products are easy to use with handheld tonometers as you treat your patients.