How AI and Robotics Are Changing Eye Surgery

Jul 7, 2022 | Optometry

How AI and Robotics Are Changing Eye Surgery

Technology is constantly developing. Additionally, as more technological developments come forward, it makes advancements even easier. As a result, each industry is rife for change and technical improvement, including ophthalmology. Read on to learn more about how AI and robotics are changing eye surgery.

Precision and Accuracy

Surgery thrives on precision and accuracy, as without it, surgeries will not go as planned. Doctors and surgeons are at the top of their craft and can perform these surgeries, but they are still human. As a result, they become tired and can make mistakes. Robotics and AI, on the other hand, will not get tired and will not make those same mistakes. Alternatively, they continually refine their accuracy and can perform delicate maneuvers with microscopic precision.

It Opens the Path for the Future

Another reason AI and robotics are so critical in the industry today is that gene replacement therapy and optogenetics are the future. These treatments have made significant theoretical progress, but their application is challenging, depending on the careful delivery of treatment. It’s hard for humans to be this precise, but they can control robotics to take care of these treatments delicately. These machines can be programmed to switch tools, stay within boundaries, work within microscopic distances, and scale sensitivities so the patient is always protected.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades as a futuristic concept that technology strives for, and it is beginning to be realized today. A significant facet of artificial intelligence is machine learning, where after going through processes multiple times, systems can further optimize themselves and their operations to solve further problems. As machine learning continues and machines prove their abilities even more, they can take over previous human tasks and improve robot-assisted retinal surgery.

Revolutionizing Diagnostics and Care

On top of helping with robotics in treatment and optimizing themselves for the future, artificial intelligence is also making significant improvements to the realm of diagnostics. AI tools can tackle the data about someone’s tests and medical history, compare it with databases of other patients, and find the most accurate diagnosis. AI will also explain these diagnoses and plan out treatment plans that best take care of patients.

AI and robotics are changing eye surgery, and they will likely change the industry even further as time progresses. On top of simplifying surgery, they will make testing and diagnosing simpler as well. At Automated Ophthalmics, we can provide you with all the equipment you need to make testing easier. We are one of the few ophthalmic equipment suppliers that supply tonometer tip covers, and we can keep you stocked up even when robotics takes over the industry.