Do Animals Need Eye Pressure Monitoring?

Dec 16, 2022 | Optometry

Do Animals Need Eye Pressure Monitoring?

As people get older, they usually come in for eye exams to see if they have developed glaucoma. These patients may not think their pets can suffer from the same ailments. But if they ask you, “Do animals need eye pressure monitoring?”, you can give them some simple answers.

Can Animals Develop Glaucoma?

One fact that might surprise pet owners is that their beloved animals can develop glaucoma or other eye disorders. Some dog breeds with inadequate drainage facilities can get glaucoma or inherit the disease. These include beagles, basset hounds, cocker spaniels, and chow-chows. Even Burmese cats can develop the condition.

But your patients can help their furry friends by looking out for symptoms. For example, dogs may show signs of glaucoma if they have a cloudy cornea or exhibit changes in their behavior where they do not want to play anymore. They may also constantly blink or squint and show indications of vision loss, such as bumping into objects. If your patients see these signs, they may want to take their pets to their veterinarian immediately.

Should Your Pets Get Their Eyes Checked?

If your patients ask, “Do animals need eye pressure monitoring?”, the answer is also yes. Whenever they take their dog or cat to the vet’s office, the physician can perform ocular tonometry on them, just like you do on their human counterparts.

Although they will use a device that briefly contacts the animal’s cornea, the touch is so slight that their pet shouldn’t respond. However, the veterinarian can numb the animal’s eye, just like you did for their pet’s owner when you examined them.

What Else May Their Pets Have?

There is a chance that your patient’s pet may not have developed glaucoma, and something else may be causing their condition. For example, their dog may have uveitis, which happens when one of the structures of their uvea has an inflammation. The examination also may find that they are dehydrated, and their eyes are just a symptom of this bigger issue.

With these tips, your patients can take better care of their pets. At Automated Ophthalmics, we have the ophthalmic supplies you need to keep your patients healthy so they can stay free of stress and enjoy more time with their furry friends.