About Us

Automated Ophthalamics

The Automated Ophthalmics TeamAutomated Ophthalmics is a family owned and operated business which has been proudly serving eye care professionals since founded by Norm Bickman in 1987. The company is now run by Brian Congleton, President and CEO, after Norm’s retirement in 2012. Stephanie Bickman Congleton, Norm’s daughter, is the Chief Marketing Officer. Eric Waggonner, Norm’s son in law, works hands on as well.

Norm is happily enjoying retirement but still finds time to mentor other small businesses and young entrepreneurs.

The tip covers manufactured by Automated Ophthalmics set the standard for the industry and are sold by most major ophthalmic distributors. There is never a back order for our tip covers because we are the manufacturer.

We specialize in offering generic alternatives which are much lower cost than name brand products. All of our products are manufactured in the USA.

One Stop Shopping with Personalized Service

With Automated Ophthalmics, there is no annoying voice mail menu and no waiting on hold. We put our resources into having the best people available to serve you.

We only sell to healthcare professionals offering a complete range of eye care products to consolidate your purchasing. We keep our overhead down so we can provide the lowest prices in the industry.