5 Trends in Ophthalmology To Watch in 2022

May 10, 2022 | Optometry

5 Trends in Ophthalmology To Watch in 2022

Ophthalmology is a field that will always be developing, embracing new technology and scientific studies to refine practices and treatments. 2022 appears to be an excellent year for the practice, as there are many trends and developments, and ophthalmologists need to be aware of them. Here are five trends in ophthalmology to watch in 2022.

Communication of Ideas Is Simplifying

Technology and social media have transformed every industry, and ophthalmology is not exempt. New ideas, treatments, and technology have been previously restricted to only scientific journals and periodicals. However, recent trends have shown that more ideas are being discussed and shared through social media channels, and there can be a steady exchange of ideas between those in the industry.

Global Trade Is Recovering

The pandemic had a significant hit on all forms of global trade, including health care and ophthalmological industries. However, exports are increasing again, and industries like ophthalmological drugs and devices are expected to recover and be needed more than before. The market is still in its recovery phase, but trends highlight that this growth will continue to meet the growth trends from before the pandemic.

Retinal Gene Therapy Will Continue To Develop

Gene therapy has been a field of study for many years, as doctors and scientists find ways to treat disorders by altering a patient’s genetic makeup. This is done rather than treating the condition through drugs and surgery. The field appears as if it will continue to develop alongside biotech companies conducting more clinical trials, and retinal gene therapy seems to be a part of this trend.

Macular Degeneration Improvements

There have been a variety of treatments for macular degeneration, and 2022 appears to be the year of breakthroughs. Companies like Genetech have developed new methods for drug delivery in the form of Suvismo, and patients will be able to take care of themselves more easily than before. Not only will patients be able to manage their macular degeneration better, but companies such as Genetech are also continually developing and finding even better ways to treat these conditions.

Treatments for Geographic Atrophy

Geographic atrophy has been troublesome for ophthalmologists, and 2022 appears to be the year when treatments will be approved. Some clinical trials have mixed results, but there are signs of serious breakthroughs and a future where ophthalmologists can treat this condition using the positive side of those mixed results.

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