3 Ways To Treat Cataracts at an Early Age

Sep 11, 2023 | Optometry

When you talk with your younger eye patients, they may have two incorrect assumptions about cataracts. The first may be that they can only develop them when they are older, and the second may be that you can only treat them with surgery. Unfortunately, younger patients can develop them, but surgery doesn’t always have to be the first option. Read below about three ways to treat cataracts at an early age.

Changes to the Patient’s Lifestyle

One option you have for treating your patients who are starting to develop cataracts is to advise them to make changes to their lifestyle. They should use reading glasses and polarized sunglasses that will keep the glare of the sun out of their eyes and limit their exposure to UV rays.

Another option is adding light bulbs to their residence that will shine brighter than their current ones. These will help them stay safer as they navigate their way around their homes and reduce their chances of accidents.

New Prescriptions

You can also treat cataracts at an early age in your patients by prescribing them new medications. After you or another physician determines that the patient has other issues that are making the cataracts worse, new medication can help slow the degeneration. You may also prescribe them new eyeglasses or contact lenses to help them.


Your patient’s cataracts may eventually reach a point where they cannot avoid surgery and you must replace their natural lenses with artificial ones. Although they may understandably be nervous about the procedure, remind them about the benefits of this outpatient surgery.

When it is over, they will be able to see better. In addition, the risks from the surgery are very low. This should make them feel more at ease beforehand.

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