3 Reasons To Get Your Kids’ Eyes Checked for Glaucoma

May 3, 2023 | Optometry

3 Reasons To Get Your Kids’ Eyes Checked for Glaucoma

When people think about glaucoma, they usually think of a condition that develops in older adults. But children can be born with or develop glaucoma. Read below for three reasons to get your kids’ eyes checked for glaucoma so you can better manage their health.

An Eye Check Can Save Their Vision

Glaucoma is a common cause of blindness, and that goes for children too. If you take your child in for a visit with an ophthalmologist early enough, the doctor may be able to save your child’s vision. Glaucoma symptoms can resemble other eye or medical problems, so it is best to take them in immediately just to be safe.

It Can Stunt Your Child’s Development

Another reason to get your kids’ eyes checked for glaucoma is because it can be crucial to their development. Children obtain a large percentage of knowledge in their early years through visual stimuli.

If your child were to lose their eyesight due to glaucoma, it might negatively affect their well-being and physical, cognitive, and social skills. A vision exam can catch the condition early so that your child can retain the visual skills and abilities they need for growth.

The Doctor Can Diagnose Other Conditions

Finally, you should also have your kids’ eyes tested because it allows your eye doctor to see if your child has any other eye conditions that you need to know about. The doctor may find that your child has a common condition, such as dry eyes or myopia. Again, the sooner you take your child in for an exam, the more manageable those conditions will be.

When an eye doctor checks your child for glaucoma, they will use ophthalmic supplies to make their diagnosis. Automated Ophthalmics has the products that they need to help your child take care of their eyes and retain their sight.