3 Benefits of Disposable Tonometer Tip Covers

Aug 29, 2023 | Optometry

3 Benefits of Disposable Tonometer Tip Covers

When you use your tonometer to measure a patient’s interocular pressure (IP), you help protect them from developing glaucoma. But keeping this process clean and sanitary is critical, and using a tonometer tip cover can help. Learn the three benefits of disposable tonometer tip covers and how they help the patient and the ophthalmologist.

Tonometer Tip Covers Reduce the Risk of Infection

When you use a disposable tip cover on your tonometer, you do your part to keep your patient safe. Bacteria has a reputation for forming on the tips of tonometers, so by covering up the tips, you will help prevent the spread of ocular infections. Just make sure that you throw the cover away afterward.

The Covers Can Protect Your Tonometer

Tono-Pen covers provide you with the benefit of keeping your instrument protected as well. When you use the cover on your tonometer tip, you stop dust and other contaminants from spreading to it.

In addition, using a cover on your Tono-Pen protects the transducer tip from experiencing possible damage. That will allow you to keep your instrument in good condition and continue providing your patients with the necessary care.

They Make You More Efficient as an Ophthalmologist

Another benefit of using disposable tonometer tip covers is that they can help make you more efficient in your work. After you measure a patient’s IP, you can discard the tip cover and clean your instrument before your next appointment.

However, because you used the cover, you will not have to perform as thorough a cleaning as you would on a tonometer without one. That will help you save time in your work, so you can get to other tasks sooner than you would have previously.

These benefits make using tonometer tip covers essential in your practice. If you are looking for quality tip covers to use when treating your patients, contact Automated Ophthalmics. We manufacture them in the USA to be powderless and easy for you to use with your handheld tonometer.